Fly Tube Guys

Are you tired of lackluster sales and events? Do a small number of people show up no matter how much advertising you've done? Don't throw money at radio and television ads and instead invest in fly tube guys.

Many times customers visit an event through sheer coincidence than any particular planning. They notice a crowd or movement in the corner of their eye and it intrigues them. You need an attention getter. Sky tube guys flap and dance in the wind and from their blowers, creating a visual spectacle that customers can't help but notice.

Most people are too busy driving or staring down at their phones unless something drastic grabs their attention. Our fly tube guys and fly tube guys with blower are your keys to a successful event, grand opening or sale.

Inflate has a large selection of skydancers ranging from 10 feet to 20 feet in length. We can customize your fly tube dancer with your logo or you can choose a special one such as a Jester or Clown or a holiday themed one such as Uncle Sam and Santa Claus.

Contact us today and discover how effective sky tube dancers can be.

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The Complete Advertising System
Regular Price:$549.00
Our Price:$449.00
10' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$228.00
Our Price:$189.00
10' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$79.00
Our Price:$59.00
20' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$298.00
Our Price:$235.00
20' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$99.00
Our Price:$79.00
20' Pink Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$99.00
Our Price:$79.00
20' Purple Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$99.00
Our Price:$79.00
20' Custom Sky Guy Made In USA
Regular Price:$230.00
Our Price:$199.00
18" Adjustable Sky Guy/Sky Tube Blower
Regular Price:$249.00
Our Price:$225.00
Sky Guy Light Kit
Regular Price:$69.00
Our Price:$59.00
Overstock Guy with an Overstock Tube
Regular Price:$350.00
Our Price:$278.00
Inflate is a custom manufacturer of high quality outdoor giant advertising inflatables and fly tube guys. We can custom make any inflatable to resemble any character or logo. We have a fast turn around time with usually a one to two day lead time for a custom dancing man. We always stock hundreds of advertising wind sock dancers in the most popular colors.