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Moonwalk Repair Kit

Moonwalk Repair Kit
Item# repairkit-1
  • Different Colored 18 oz Vinyl Patches
  • 4 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue
  • Curved Suture Needle
  • Curved Needle (for Awl)
  • Combination Sewing Awl
  • Extra heavy duty thread
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • (1) Patch of Multicolored Netting
  • Storage Bag


Product Description

Our repair kits contain different colored patches of 18oz vinyl, a 4oz can of high grade industrial strength, ultra vinyl glue, a combination sewing awl, one curved needle, one suture curved needle, thread, scissors and a storage bag. This is great for repairing small damage on your inflatables, such as holes, tears, or worn out vinyl patches.


Need to repair your water slide? Have a seam loose on your bouncy castle? Did a customer damage your inflatable combo unit? Most small repairs can be fixed without the need of a professional repair company if you have this complete repair kit. Plenty of heavy 18 oz. vinyl patches, glue, everything you need for most minor repairs of your inflatable jumper.