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If you have a small hole or tear in the vinyl of your inflatables such as: Jump Houses, Water Slides, Slip N' Slides, etc. We recommend you use a small patch to fix the issue.

What We Offer

We sell two types of Repair kits for your inflatables.

Repair Kit

Our standard Repair Kit (pictured above) contains: 8 colors of 12"x12" 18oz Vinyl patches in Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Black, and White, a 4oz can of vinyl cement glue, Black Window Mesh, Rainbow Window Netting, scissors, one Sewing awl and suture needle, thread, and one seam ripper. All at an affordable price.

Premium Repair Kit

You have the option to upgrade your repair kit to out Premium Repair Kit. With this option you receive: Double the vinyl amount (in the same colors listed above), upgrade to a 16oz can of vinyl glue, three Black Mesh window patches, 2 square feet of Rainbow Window Netting, five seam rippers, a DIY deflation zipper, and a Glue-on velcro patch. Also the bag the premium kit comes in can be used as a sandbag!

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