Giant Balloons

24' Balloons for $1,895!

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How are you getting those passersby as they walk and drive past your business to stop what they're doing and check out your sales or promotion? Why not use a giant advertising balloon? These eye catching balloons are sure to make an impression. They can be placed in front of your store or even on your roof to get your store noticed.

Each of these balloons are made at our facility and created from the best materials. You have many options when it comes to advertising for our sales and promotions, but a large rooftop balloon is one of the best ways to get foot and drive traffic. People stare at their phones when they walk, so they could go right past your store and not even know a sale is going on. A massive advertising balloon will get their eyes away from their phone and onto your business.

If you are looking for advertising balloons for sale, then you've found the right place. We have a reputation of excellent service and great products. If you're looking for advertising balloons, then contact us today.
18' 12 Panel Balloon
19' 12 Panel
24' 12 Panel
26' Balloon
24' Balloon
22' Balloon
20' Giant Advertising Balloon Spiral Design
19' Balloon
16' Balloon
18' Balloon
10' Balloon
Advertising Balloon Lite Kit (fluorescent)
18" - 5/8" Hook Stakes (Qty 4)
36" - 1" Tent Stakes (Quantity 2)
16 oz. Organic Concentrated Inflatable Cleaner
(4) 18 oz. Econo Sandbag Covers
(4) 18 oz. Standard Sandbag Covers
(4) 18 oz. Premium Sandbag Covers

Own a rental company? Do you own a store that uses a rental company? People typically rent these giant advertising balloons for three to six weeks at a time. Expect to get from $1,000 to $2,000 PER RENTAL. Imagine the profit potential from these giant balloons. There is a good return on your investment. The balloon packages have everything you need to get started. These giant advertising and promotional balloons are MADE TO LAST. Low maintenance and simple set up make our rooftop advertising and promotional balloons the best choice. We can make banners for all occasions. Banners are simple to install or change in minutes.
We are a custom manufacturer of high quality outdoor giant hot air shaped advertising inflatables. We can custom make any inflatable to resemble any character or logo. We have very fast turn around times because we are the manufacturer and do not outsource or resell. We sell air blown dancing tubes and guys as well as giant rooftop, hot air shaped balloons. We custom make banners for these balloons. We make giant gorillas and any character. We also repair any inflatable including inflatable jumpers, slides and obstacle courses. covers the entire USA and Puerto Rico.