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Made in the USA sky guys and imported sky guys for sale. Hurry, these prices won't last long. No lettering or color changes available. These dancers and tubes are made and ready to ship. They will install under most power lines (about 20' from the ground). Up to two colors (main and accent color). Base is made of 18 oz. vinyl with 2" velcro, and it will withstand everyday wear and tear of installing and removing from blower. Fits standard 18" blower.
10' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$59.00
Our Price:$49.00
20' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$79.00
Our Price:$49.00
10' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$228.00
Our Price:$144.00
20' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$298.00
Our Price:$239.00
18" Commercial Fly Tube Guy Blower and 20' Dancer
Sold Out.
Regular Price:$298.00
Our Price:$225.00
20' Two-Legged Fly Tube Guy
20' Overstock Pink Tube
Regular Price:$120.00
Our Price:$79.00
FREE SHIPPING - 25' Aqua Tube - Overstock Sale
Regular Price:$145.00
Our Price:$99.00
FREE SHIPPING - 20' Overstock Sky Tubes
20' Overstock Sky Tubes
Regular Price:$120.00
Our Price:$99.00
Blower & Tube Combo Package
Buy a Standard Blower and get an Econo Tube for just $59
Regular Price:$278.00
Our Price:$258.00
The Complete Advertising System
Regular Price:$549.00
Our Price:$449.00
FREE SHIPPING: 20' Pink Sky Guy & Pink Tube Special
FREE SHIPPING for a limited time!
Regular Price:$549.00
Our Price:$398.00
20' Pink Sky Guy - Overstock Sale
Regular Price:$230.00
Our Price:$149.00
20' Overstock Sky Guy
Save over $80 !!!
Regular Price:$230.00
Our Price:$149.00
New 20' Blue Sky Guy with "LEASING"
Only one in stock!
Regular Price:$300.00
Our Price:$150.00
10' Inflatable Cell Phone
Regular Price:$1,200.00
Our Price:$250.00
20' Black Gorilla With Blower
Regular Price:$2,995.00
Our Price:$1,500.00