Themed Balloons

Sports Balloons, King Kong Inflatable, and more

Maybe you need a special balloon for a holiday sale or something to really stand out for your big sale of the year, Inflate Online has a large selection of themed balloons for you. You want an advertising balloon that draws a crowd. It has to catch their eye as they are walking or driving by and that means using something other people don't have.

Our giant gorilla inflatables or sale balloons are designed to convert and are known to have high income potential. We have balloons of every shape and size from giant bulldogs to cell phones and even an inflatable cash cube. Each of these will drive droves of customers into your store. They come with everything you need to begin your advertising campaign and are guaranteed to be durable.
20' Black Gorilla With Blower
Regular Price:$2,995.00
Our Price:$1,500.00
Giant Advertising Inflatable Dinosaur
20' Inflatable Gorilla with blower
30' inflatable gorilla with blower
10' Inflatable Arrow
17' x 30' Arch
10' Inflatable Cell Phone
Regular Price:$1,200.00
Our Price:$250.00
10' Inflatable Cash Cube
20' Sale Tag
18" - 5/8" Hook Stakes (Qty 4)
36" - 1" Tent Stakes (Quantity 2)
16 oz. Organic Concentrated Inflatable Cleaner
(4) 18 oz. Econo Sandbag Covers
(4) 18 oz. Standard Sandbag Covers
(4) 18 oz. Premium Sandbag Covers
We are the manufacturer of quality inflatable advertising sky dancers, air tubes, sky tubes, and themed advertising inflatables such as hot air shaped rooftop advertising balloons, inflatable gorillas, giant inflatable tires, and sale tags. We sell to Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas. Sky Dancers, or Air Dancers are sold throughout the country. Advertising inflatables are used to grab the attention of customers. We offer the option of renting as an alternative to sales. The customer can use this product to advertise a SALE, GRAND OPENING, NOW OPEN, UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. People from Illinois to Mississippi to New York to New Jersey can benefit from the low cost of advertising with cold air inflatables. We also sell inflatables in Puerto Rico.

We have sky dancers for sale, sky tubes for sale, advertising balloons for sale, air dancers for sale. We manufacture our own product in our factory in Atlanta, Georgia. You buy factory direct with no middle man mark up. We are not resellers. We can ship our quality product to wherever you are: Georgia, Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Ocala, Orlando, St. Cloud, Kissimmee, Mississippi, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Rhode Island, Maine, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Texas, Mississippi, Washington, and Florida.

We are an advertising inflatable manufacturer of high quality outdoor giant advertising inflatables. We can custom make any inflatable to resemble any character or logo. We have very fast turn around time because we are the manufacturer and do not outsource or resell. We sell air blown dancing tubes and guys as well as giant rooftop, hot air shaped balloons. We custom make banners for these balloons. We make giant gorillas and any character. We also repair any inflatable including inflatable jumpers, slides and obstacle courses. covers the entire USA and Puerto Rico : - custom inflatable ad blowup - air dancers.