Inflatable Repair Needs

Inflatable Bouncer and Slide Repairs

We've been in the party inflatable business since 2000, and we are readily equipped to repair any of your commercial grade inflatables. We're located in Covington, Georgia; you are more than welcome to drop off your repair or ship it to us. We also sell DIY repair items so you can repairs on your own inflatables. Our repair facility is located at 11045 Bobby Williams Parkway in Covington, GA.
18oz Vinyl Sold by the Yard (60" wide)
Moonwalk Repair Kit
Premium Moonwalk Repair Kit
Moonwalk Patch Kit
4" Hook and Loop sew on material
2" Hook and Loop sew on material
D.I.Y. Step Drain Flaps (Quantity 2)
D.I.Y. Slide Drain Flap (Quantity 2)
DIY 36" Deflation Flap w/ zipper
48" DIY Deflation Flap w/ zipper
DIY Inflation Tube Straps (Quantity 2)
DIY Inflation Tube
DIY Water Hose Loops (Qty 4)
DIY Business Card Holder
4 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue (Quantity 2)
8 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue
16 oz. Ultra Vinyl Glue
Sewing Awl w/ Thread
1lb Spool of Industrial Strength Thread
Bounce House Repair Tape - 3" x 12" Strips
Bounce House Repair Tape - 6" x 12" Strips
Bounce House Repair Tape - 3" x 5' Roll
Bounce House Repair Tape - 5' x 6" Roll
NYLON Bounce House Repair Tape - 3" x 12" Strips
Black Window Netting
Rainbow Window Netting
12" Ladder Climb Rung
18" Ladder Climb Rung
4" Ladder Climb Rock
6" Ladder Climb Handle
6" Ladder Climb Rock
We have the tools, the space, the skills. With a team of seven, we WILL get your unit back to what it should be. Inflate Online is a full time authorized repair facility for several inflatable manufacturers. We can repair your giant 22' inflatable or your 13' x 13' castle jumpers. We can usually repair your inflatable in one day. Don't lose time shipping your inflatable to California for "Warranty Repair". Most of our inflatable repairs are done for less than the cost of shipping to the west coast and you don't have to wait weeks and lose valuable rentals. We can repair E-Inflatables, Space Walk, HEC, Moon-Walker, Inflatable Depot, Cutting Edge, Jolly Jump, we can fix it. Bring any type of inflatable to us and we can guarantee we can repair your inflatable.

We also repair any inflatable, we repair moonwalk jumpers, inflatable slide repairs, or interactive repairs. We can repair advertising inflatables, we repair advertising balloons, we repair sky tubes or dancers. We repair moonwalk jumpers or advertising inflatables that are made by any manufacturer. Seam repair, baffle repair, modifications to inflatables, cleaning of moonwalk jumpers. Our moonwalk repair facility is located in Covington, GA, about 30 minutes east of Atlanta, Georgia. We repair inflatables for companies in Florida, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, West Virginia, we repair inflatables from Mobile, Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Columbus, Chattanooga, Greenville, and surrounding areas on the east coast.