Sky Tubes

Wacky Wavy Tube Dancers

These sky tubes are by far the most cost effective way to advertise a business. These tube dancers are all over, up and around, attracting attention from far away. Sky dancers are available up to 70 feet. Most colors are available. Lettering is available for $10 per letter. Each letter is hand cut and sewn on the sky tube dancer for a long life. For the cost of an ad in a major news paper for a week, there could be dynamic tube dancers in front of your store drawing attention to you.

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12' Tube (fits 12" Sky Guy Blower)
The Complete Advertising System
Regular Price:$549.00
Our Price:$449.00
Blower & Tube Combo Package
Buy a Standard Blower and get an Econo Tube for just $59
Regular Price:$278.00
Our Price:$258.00
18' Econo Tube
Regular Price:$79.00
Our Price:$69.00
15' Custom Sky Tube
Regular Price:$95.00
Our Price:$79.00
20' Custom Sky Tube
Regular Price:$120.00
Our Price:$99.00
20' Disposable Tube
20' Overstock Red Sky Tube
Free shipping!
Regular Price:$120.00
Our Price:$99.00
20' Sky Tube
25' Custom Sky Tube
Regular Price:$145.00
Our Price:$119.00
FREE SHIPPING - 25' Orange Tube - Overstock Sale
Regular Price:$145.00
Our Price:$99.00
25' Sky Tube (with blower)
30' Sky Tube (no blower) (Econo)
30' Custom Sky Tube
18" Adjustable Fly Tube Guy/Sky Tube Blower
Regular Price:$249.00
Our Price:$199.00
18" Stationary Fly Tube Guy/Sky Tube Blower
Regular Price:$239.00
Our Price:$199.00
Fly Tube Guy Light Kit
Regular Price:$69.00
Our Price:$59.00
We are the manufacturer of quality inflatable advertising sky dancers, air dancers, sky tubes, and custom advertising inflatables such as hot air shaped rooftop advertising balloons, inflatable gorillas, giant inflatable tires, sale tags. We service the Atlanta area, north Georgia to Macon with advertising balloons and sky dancers or air dancers.

We have sky dancers for sale, sky tubes for sale, advertising balloons for sale, air dancers for sale. We manufacture our own product in our factory in Atlanta, Georgia. Custom made banners for SALE, GRAND OPENING, OPEN HOUSE, or whatever your needs. We also manufacture sky tubes of various lengths from 10' to 30'. We make sky dancers, fly guys, or whatever you call them for attracting traffic to your place of business.

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