Black Window Netting
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The window netting on your inflatable is an important safety measure that helps keep the children using it safe. This black netting is the exact netting used on all Ninja Jump inflatables with mesh netting. When the netting rips or tears, then there's potential for injury. If you notice your netting becoming frayed or torn, then repair it immediately with our 2 x 3 black window netting. It's always a good idea to have window netting on hand for immediate repair. Inflatable repair is something many people take for granted.

Window netting repair for inflatables isn't complicated for small rips and tears, so the smaller netting is perfect for that quick fix. If you're worried about other problems such as holes and tears in the inflatable material, then you can pick up our premium repair kit and have everything you need for any problems. We have the best inflatable repair kits and equipment available at the best prices around.

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