6" Ladder Climb Handle
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Product Description

Climbing walls on inflatable slides are always popular because children love to climb. They'll line up again and again to climb that wall. When your ladder climb handles starts looking shabby, you'll notice that line getting shorter and shorter. Replace those old handles with our brand new 6-inch ladder climb handles. It'll make your wet or dry slide look brand new and have those lines long in no time.

It's not just how your slide looks that's important. Climbing handles that become cracked or torn can be a safety hazard. You don't want a child injured because of a broken handle. Inflatable repair is important and having several on hand can keep your inflatable downtime to a minimum.

If you have multiple rungs to replace or if your entire climbing blanket is worse for wear, then consider our repair services. We can use measurements and a picture or you can send us your old climbing blanket and we'll make repairs or provide you with a new custom one. We have a wide variety of repair services for all your inflatables. If you don't have the time or expertise to make repairs, then visit www.RepairMyMoonwalk.com and discover everything we have to offer.

  • 6" x 6" x 1"
  • 18oz vinyl covered
  • Blue
These replacement handles are for any commercial grade inflatable slide. Whether water slide or dry slide, if you need to replace old PVC pipe rocks or your old padded rocks are worn or torn, these brand new sew-on replacement handle steps will make your slide climb like new again.