Overstock Dancers

When you add a blower to your overstock sky guy/tube order, you get free shipping for the guy/tube AND the blower!

These fun and creative fly tubes are called sky guys and sky tubes. These sky guys and sky tubes wave in the wind and advertise your Sale, Grand Opening, or company name. Our sky guys and sky tubes are hand-stitched and made in the USA. These sky guys and sky tubes are made with durable ripstop nylon and crafted to meet your standards. Sky guys and sky tubes are high quality advertising inflatables for any company and can be uniquely made to accommodate your needs!

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10' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$59.00
Our Price:$49.00
20' Fly Tube Guy
Regular Price:$79.00
Our Price:$49.00
FREE SHIPPING - 20' Overstock Sky Tubes
20' Overstock Sky Tubes
Regular Price:$120.00
Our Price:$99.00
20' Overstock Sky Guy
Save over $80 !!!
Regular Price:$230.00
Our Price:$149.00
10' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$228.00
Our Price:$144.00
20' Fly Tube Guy with Blower
Regular Price:$298.00
Our Price:$239.00
We service the Atlanta area, north Georgia to Macon with advertising balloons and sky dancers or air dancers. Gwinnett County, Newton County, Conyers in Rockdale

We have sky dancers for sale, sky tubes for sale, advertising balloons for sale, We manufacture our own product in our factory in Atlanta, Georgia. You buy factory direct with no middle man mark up.

Sky dancers, sky tubes, air dancers, air tubes, fly guys, advertising balloons, promotional balloons, hot air balloons. Air Dancers are available from any height up to 40'. The standard height is 20'. These dancers can be seen from the road before the actual store is in view. Easy set up in minutes. These inflatable guys can be set up in less than a minute and taken down after the event in less than a minute. Light weight blowers are easy to transport. Lettering is hand sewn on to dancer, cost is $10 per letter. We manufacture sky guys, sky tube dancers, air dancers, tube dancers, cold air inflatables. We sell cold air infatables.

We are a custom manufacturer of high quality outdoor giant advertising inflatables. We can custom make any inflatable to resemble any character or logo. We have very fast turn around time because we are the manufacturer and do not outsource or resell. We sell air blown dancing tubes and guys as well as giant rooftop, hot air shaped balloons. We custom make banners for these balloons. We make giant gorillas and any character. We also repair any inflatable including inflatable jumpers, slides and obstacle courses. www.inflateonline.com covers the entire USA and Puerto Rico: - custom inflatable ad blowup - air dancers.