Slide Blankets & Climb Mats

Slide Blankets & Climb Mats
Your slide blankets and climb mats are an important part of your inflatable's safety and aesthetic. A worn blanket or mat can cause injury if it becomes ripped or torn. Wear and tear can also make them look dingy. Who's going to want to slide down a dingy slide or dirty climbing mat.

If your slide blanket or climbing mat is beyond repair, let us create a custom one that fits your style and color. All we need is either the measurements or the old mats and blankets to craft the perfect replacement.

before and after repairs of inflatable slide blankets

Need Expert Repairs?

repairs of inflatable slide blankets We can help! Even though we sell DIY products for your at home inflatable repairs, we also know that not all jobs can be accomplished without skills and equipment. We have a full-service repair facility to handle any job, big or small. Even better news, we also work with the top vendors if your inflatable is under warranty. Give us a call today and our friendly staff can help quote out your custom repairs.
12" Ladder Climb Rung
6" Ladder Climb Rock
18oz Vinyl Sold by the Yard (60" wide)
4" Hook and Loop sew on material