Benefits Of Using Fly Guys For Advertising

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Getting attention to your sale or event becomes harder and harder every year as you compete not only with other events in the area, but people spending their time staring at cell phones instead of seeing your events. You need something drastic that is guaranteed to grab attention such as our Fly Tube Guys.

Sky guys are hand stitched American made advertising balloons that can be as high as 20 feet and sway with the wind as they’re inflated with blowers. These bright colored attention getters are designed to get noticed and to get others to notice your event or sale.


When it comes to getting attention, there is nothing better than movement. In a world of cell-phone zombies, a crazy movement in the corner of their eye may be the only way to stop them from gazing at Facebook and Snapchat. Dancing Man inflatables, also known as Fly Tube Guys, have a blower that inflates them, and depending on the variety you get, have faces and arms or even two legs. Between wind and the blower, the inflatable advertising balloons dance, causing a strange sight that can’t help be noticed. This effect is increased when you purchase more than one “Dancing Man” inflatable.


The problem with many advertising props is they are one and done deals. Plastic or paper banners are easily damaged and Mylar or rubber balloons are expensive and don’t last. You’re buying new ones for each event. Fly Tube Guy advertising balloons are designed for repeat use and last several years. They’re made with durable ripstop nylon and can handle high winds and all types of weather. You can use them again and again. When they do finally need replacing, you can get them for a low affordable price. It doesn’t get better than that.


Fly Tube Guys aren’t just nondescript advertising tools, they can be branded and customized for your event or company. You can add lettering and really make your business and event stand out. If you’re looking for something just a little more unique than our standard Fly Tube Guys, then try the two-legged variety or our clown or jester models. We even have a 15-foot Fly Tube Guy with a special area for a customized sign.

Whatever your need, our Fly Tube Guy advertising balloons can bring people to your event or sale. Check out our prices and order a few today for your next event.

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