DIY Drain Flaps

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A DIY Deflation Flap zipper can be used on any bounce house or inflatable slide. It allows the inflatable to deflate very quickly in the event of a storm or delivery pick up. The flap can be opened to air out the inflatable in the event that it gets wet. You can just leave it open, let the blower run, and the inside will dry out from the fresh air circulating through the deflation flap. The zipper flap also allows for entry to towel dry the unit or even perform small repairs if needed. It has strong velcro and inside there's a mechanical zipper. We offer deflation zippers in Standard (39" x 9 1/2") and Extra Large (51" x 9 1/2").


1) Make sure the unit is clean and dry before installing

2) Trace the area where you will put the Deflation Flap

3) Using our Ultra Vinyl Glue, glue inside the edges of the area that you marked

4) Glue on the back edges of the Deflation Zipper

5) Hold pressure and let it sit for about five minutes

6) Once it is dry, open the velcro and the mechanical zipper and very carefully cut vinyl of the unit between the zipper teeth.

If you need a video tutorial on how to install your DIY Deflation Flap you can watch our YouTube Video.

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